Extension of the VSC

  • 40 new nodes have been added to the VSC. Each node is equipped with 12 cores (2 Intel X5650 Westmere CPUs) and 24 GB of memory, thereby increasing the number of available cores to 3968. Currently these nodes are designated for single core and SMP jobs.

Call for tender: VSC-2

  • A call for tender for a successor system (VSC-2) of the Vienna Scientific Cluster has been drawn up and was released in September. Specifications regarding the CPU types, network, memory, and storage have been made in accordance with the results of the consultations at the user meeting on July 1st and with the largest user groups of the VSC.
  • The new cluster will be installed in a newly adapted location on the premises of the Arsenal near the future Vienna central train station.
  • Installation of the VSC-2 is expected to begin in the middle of March 2011 and the start of operation is scheduled for June 2011.

New regulation for the allocation of runtime resources (core-h)

  • At the user meeting on July 1st 2010, a new scheme for the regulation of runtime resources has been presented which has the following characteristics:
    1. Each project gets a quarterly contingent (1/4 of the yearly contingent).
    2. If the runtime consumption during a project quarter is less than the quarterly contingent, the yearly contingent will be reduced by this difference.
    3. At the end of the project's duration (usually 12 months) the contingent will be restored to the original amount. The users of the project will then have additional 6 months to consume the remaining core-h.
    4. This regulation has come into effect on October 4th, 2010 .
    5. Information about the current contingent and the quarterly usage of your project can be obtained with the command: # vsc_usage
      Optionally (for users with several projects) a project ID may be given as argument, e.g.: # vsc_usage 70999
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