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The VSC offers a jupyterhub available for all VSC users at

Login works with any cluster user (both VSC3 and VSC4) and uses the OTP like on the cluster.

start a server

choose a cluster (VSC3 or VSC4) - if you need GPUs you have to select VSC3

Additional option appear: here you can choose a specific pre-defined image or provide your own (as singularity format - currently not yet working), as well as the number of CPUs, size of the RAM, the maximim running time and (on VSC3) whether to use GPU.

After everything is selected, press start - your server will start and show you a list of previpisly existing jupyter notebooks (if you created some already) and slurm out or err files. On the top, you can go to 'Control Penal' where you can stop your server or return to the list with 'My Server'. All previously created notebooks will stay in that list.

To create a notebook, go to New on the top right of the list and choose the type you want (available types depend on what image you use).

start a notebook

Simply click on the desired notebook in your list - it will be opened in a new tab.

All normal Jupyter Notebook funktions are available. pip can be used to install modules. Note, however, that for module that need gcc for example, the proper image has to be used (for example SciPy notebook).

To stop using it, go to File → close and halt. It will save the current state and close the tab.

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