VSC-4 provides three facilities for persisting data: the high-performance IBM Spectrum Scale Parallel Filesystem, BeeGFS Parallel Filesystem (former Fraunhofer Parallel Filesystem, FhGFS) and a node-local flash storage. They are accessible under:

  • IBM Spectrum Scale:
    • $HOME expands to /home/fs<project>/<username>,
    • $DATA expands to /gpfs/data/fs<project>/<username>
  • BeeGFS (former FhGFS):
    • $BINFL expands to /binfl/lv<project>/<username>,
    • $BINFS expands to /binfs/lv<project>/<username>
  • Local SSD
    • /local

$HOME is the location of the user UNIX home directory. It can be accessed from login and compute nodes. $HOME should be used for storing/compiling code - data for which high concurrent job throughput and support for large file sizes is not required. Quota on $HOME is 100GB and 10^6 number of files and can not be extended

$DATA is a tiered file system containing 500TB flash and around 1PB of HDD storage. Quota on $DATA is 10TB and 10^6 number of files and can be extended up to 100TB. If even more

Backup of user files independent of location is solely the responsibility of each user.

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