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These codes identify the reason that a job is waiting for execution. A job may be waiting for more than one reason, in which case only one of those reasons is displayed.

Code Meaning
InvalidQOS The job's QOS is invalid.
PartitionNodeLimit The number of nodes required by this job is outside of it's partitions current limits. Can also indicate that required nodes are DOWN or DRAINED.
PartitionTimeLimit The job's time limit exceeds it's partition's current time limit.
Priority One or more higher priority jobs exist for this partition or advanced reservation.
QOSJobLimit The job's QOS has reached its maximum job count.
QOSResourceLimit The job's QOS has reached some resource limit.
QOSTimeLimit The job's QOS has reached its time limit.
QOSGrpNodeLimit The job's QOS has reached the maximum number of nodes. No free nodes are available within this QOS.
Resources The job is waiting for resources to become available
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