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Login and data transfer



In order to be able to submit jobs on VSC the following lines have to be included in your .bashrc file

export LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-8
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8

# Alternatively, to suppress this warning, change on the Mac:
#      Terminal -> Preferences... -> Settings -> Advanced -
#      - Uncheck the option “Set locale environment variables on startup” -
#      - Restart Terminal
# see also:[]=locale

See also osx-mavericks.

Linux and Mac


Open a terminal window and type

ssh <username>            # VSC-2
                                         #  OR
ssh <username>            # VSC-3

Two factor authentication

First, you will be asked to type your password.


Then, you will be asked for your one time password (OTP; sms token which is sent to your mobile phone). This OTP is an additional feature increasing the security of the cluster.

sms sent; please enter otp:

Direct login to dedicated login server

The address <username> points to all three login servers of VSC-2:, l21, l22, and l23; <username> points to all five login servers of VSC-3: l31, l32, l33, l34, and l35. Connections to one of these addresses are assigned to one of the respective servers in round robin manner. If there is reason for, it is possible to directly connect to a dedicated login server

ssh <username>  
ssh <username>  
#               OR
ssh <username>  
ssh <username>  

This can be used for troubleshooting. E.g., in order to resolve specific questions, it may be useful that the support team can test your jobs on the same login server as you.

Configuration of the ssh login

  1. port 22 is open only for login with password and one-time-password (otp). Since port 22 is the default ssh port, stating a ssh <username> or ssh <username> will always ask for a password.
  2. login with ssh-key + otp is only possible at port 27: ssh -p 27 <username> or ssh -p 27 <username>
  3. currently the lifetime of the otp is set to 12 hours, ie. every 12 hours a new otp has to be entered. All logins in between will not require an otp.

Data transfer

  • 1. Transfer your programs and data/input files to your home directory.
scp <filename> <username>   # VSC-2
                                              #  OR    
scp <filename> <username>   # VSC-3
  • 2. (Re-)Compile your application. Please use the latest “Intel” MPI-Environment as described in MPI Environment.
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