To make use of a compute node for visualization - since long running jobs are not allowed on the login nodes - you need to perform the following steps on the login nodes of VSC-3.

module load TurboVNC

Only once: Set a vnc password. This is needed when connecting to the vnc server.

mkdir ${HOME}/.vnc
Password: ******
Warning: password truncated to the length of 8.
Verify:   ******
Would you like to enter a view-only password (y/n)? n

On the login node allocate a compute node (wait for the next available node) and start the vnc in the slurm context:

salloc -N 1 [-L <licence> -J <jobname> ..]

Follow the instructions on the screen and connect from your local machine with a vncviewer:

vncviewer -via <user> <node>::<port>

(Copied from vsc3_gpu)

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